• Printing and packaging system is the primary element to deliver products with high- quality marketing and it is considered as its civilizational interface, we aim to keep up with the latest methods of technology and developments which are related to these fields, our experience came after 25 years of hardworking to upgrade printing and packaging services.

    We promote our products and manufacture them with our modern advanced factories In Syria.

    With our powerful team spirit, we guarantee the client’s success.

    We introduce several kinds of product that cover all needs from A to Z which include:

    • We specialize in manufacturing all types of corrugated cartons.
    • Printing flexo & offset for all food packages.
    • Cardboard printing with various sizes
    • Printing all kinds of medicine boxes.
    • Printing food storage and industrial boxes
    • Printing pizza boxes.
    • Printing agricultural boxes.
    • Printing coffee cans.
    • Food grade printing:  because we care for your health, we provided you the latest   machines that can isolate printing inks and prevent them from leaking to food.

  • In ProPac we introduce all types of printing, such as offset printed laminated boxes, which are manufactured with high quality, we manufacture them with the latest techniques delivered  our expert workers, we work with passion to guarantee the safety of products and to be environment- friendly.